BA Drew University, Madison NJ               
Major: 2:00 AM Philosophical Conversations/ Minors: Cheesy Bread, The Apocalypse.                
GPA: 3.6               
                Tandem Otter

Squid wrangler, leaf pattern-er, showgirl dresser,  eye upholsterer, MUB touchup painter, bird stitcher, rat sander, tassel ventilator, etc.

       The Pee-Wee Herman Show           
        Arias With a Twist: Deluxe       
        The Addams Family National Tour       
        The Addams Family South America       
                Women's Expressive Theater

Baseboard researcher and finder,  and "wait, Ali does lights too? And she paints? Can she do that for us?"-er.

A Perfect Couple     

                 The John W. Engeman Theater at Northport        

Expert in everything needed,  from pineapple and phonograph building to magic (both tricks and actual magic).

Fiddler on the Roof
        Damn Yankees       
        My Fair Lady       
        The Sound of Music       
        Guys and Dolls

               Westport  Country Playhouse
Banana and not-livid avocado purchaser, painter, driver, sink cleaner.

         tick, tick…BOOM!        
        How The Other Half Loves       
        That Championship Season       
                  John W. Engeman Theater box office

Thwarting telemarketers, eating Goldfish crackers, and selling tickets.

           Liberty Saturdays

"a hypothetical dramatization of a post-modernist Statler and Waldorf where their heckling is depicted through interpretive dance"

Birthday Sax

Luck dragon-maker

            Nasty, Brutish and Short

Not Alice in Wonderland


               Bare and Core 

Dragon creator, octopus cutter.

When Tiger Smoked


              Adaptive Arts Theater

Builder of puppets ranging from a police officer to a prostitute.

Good Woman of Setzuan                                                                


Fake chain-link fence builder.


                Sinking Ship Productions

Last minute light improvisor.                                          

Puppet Playlist 1: Tom Waits                                                                       

Homicidal Maniac

Puppet Playlist 12: The Beach Boys "Waiting for the Day"     

 Bubble Monster                         

Puppet Playlist 14: Divas "Not This Time"

Playwright's Theater of New Jersey

Watcher of the show approximately 10 times, singer of B-52's songs, pusher of buttons.

 Where the Sun Never Sets       
The Canal Café, London

Hoover-er, go-fer, photocopy-er.
Drew University Theater Department Tech Staff              

Budget balance-er, receipt logger. Monkey.

Crate builder, pun maker, fake knife finder.

Urinetown: The Musical        
        Talking With...       


The Man Who Turned Into a Stick       
        Crumble (Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake)       

Boat builder, trigonometry "expert"

The Lady of Shalott       

Christmas light hang-er, shadow maker, lava lamp finder, star creator   

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily        
        The Secret of Aiden Brooks        
        Home Free!       

Didgeridoo insert-er, monster maker, silence creator.

Iphigenia and Other Daughters       
        The Tempest        
Being a cog, researching odd things both by using the internets and books, actually calling people to ask questions, driving a U-Haul through Manhattan, being an all around silly person.               
TRAINED IN               
Putting up with crazy people. Not crying in public. Asking questions.