In no particular order--please check out all of them!!! These people are amazing.
My brother's fledgling comic site, The Boring Rocks. Enjoy!
John Shorter is probably one of the nicest people you'll come across. His props are very high quality as well.
Talented, charismatic and motivating. What more could you want?
An amazing cartoonist and animator! You'll be watching her television shows someday. Check her out! 

Quite a talented photographer. And technician. And mechanic. And friend.
An incredibly talented photographer and an even more wonderful person.

Has shown me new and wonderful ways to see the world. 

I wish I could see things the way she does.

The best makeup artist I know, she's a pretty amazing artist (and person) too. 

A wonderfully talented photographer who sees the world in ways I wish I could. You should follow her progress--she gets better and better!